Training Programs
Textile Centre of Excellence

Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Formation_Tissage motifs géométriques Introductory and advanced program on weaving  geometrical patterns

Objective: acquire new skills in weaving techniques to create geometrical designs inspired  from age-old traditions from the Bwa Ba, an ethnic group from Burkina Faso.

Period: 2 full-time weeks for a group of 10 female weavers.

Trainer: Tébi Madou, Aformatex certified trainer.

Content: thread preparation (warping, quilling the weft, threading up and warp spreading), theory and execution of 3 patterns (striped squares, rice grain, and check).


Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_ Formation_Grands métiers à tisserIntroductory and advanced program on weaving  with wide-width looms

Training objective: be able to use the equipment and tools specific to wide-width looms  without assistance.

Period: 2 full-time weeks for a group of 10 female weavers.

Trainer: Abou Polin, Aformatex certified trainer.

Training content: mastering the steps to prepare the warp, mounting the warp beam on the  loom, executing a plain weave, a double weave, and a weave with over 4 frames.

Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Formation_Teintures écologiquesIntroductory and advanced program on textile  printing with ecological dyes

Training objective: finalise a colour chart; master thread dyeing with ecological dyes that  are Oeko Tex certified, introduction to several textile printing techniques (batik, stencilling,  shibori, and screen printing).

Trainer: Désiré Ouedraogo from Afrikolor will teach thread dyeing, and Afrika Tiss volunteers  will teach textile printing techniques.

Training content: mastering the mixing and reproducibility of a colour chart, application of  wax-coated stamps, use of reserve dyeing techniques with binding and/or folding, and  introduction to frame printing.



Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Formation_Teintures naturellesIntroduction to natural dyeing

Objective: introduction to the two main natural dyeing methods, mordant and indigo vat dyeing, to encourage the use of non-polluting techniques.

Trainers: members of the association « Colore Ton Monde », professionals using natural dyes.

Content: discovering local tinctorial plants, use of plant extracts, mastering the pre-mordanting of cellulose fibers, setting up and maintaining an organic indigo vat, creating colour graphs and samples on cotton cloths.


Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Formation_Eco design, créativité, qualitéEco design, creativity, quality

Objective : learn to decipher contemporary trends in the interior design and garment industry.

Trainers : in collaboration with stylists and designers

Content: finding new sources of inspiration and encourage the emergence of unique and innovative products.

Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Formation_Entreprenariat_FemmesEntrepreneurship

Objective: strengthen the entrepreneurial and commercial skills of the trainees who have participated in the technical training programmes.

Trainer: In partnership with specialised local partners.

Content: Acquire basic knowledge on how a for-profit organisation operates: the appropriate legal status, setting prices, managing inventory, planning production, accessing new markets, and identifying sales channels.


Terms of the training programmes The number of trainees is limited to 10 women per session, so that they can receive individual attention. The trainer assesses the level of the students at the beginning and end of the training programme, to evaluate their progress and the impact of the programme. At the beginning of the programme, each student will receive training material containing the points covered. At the end of the programme, each beneficiary will receive a training certificate. Recognition of the training programmes: The training programmes are approved by local training organisations. The reference documents and curriculum on weaving and dyeing are currently being drawn up.