Cultural activities

Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Activités culturelles bis2_Patrimoine artisanal, textile africainPromoting craftwork heritage and african textiles

Several craftwork techniques in Africa are passed from one generation to another, from father to son, and from mother to daughter. However, due to massive imports of industrial and standardised goods, the crafts workers who possess and pass down this knowledge are having difficulty selling their creations. This incredibly rich and diverse craftsmanship could thus sink into oblivion.

African textile heritage is extremely diverse in terms of weaving, textile printing (bogolan, tub, ikat, indigo, batik, etc.), and embroidery. This heritage is often undervalued. Afrika Tiss aims to promote the diversity of African craftsmanship amongst the general public, and help to save it and make it more sustainable. As such, Afrika Tiss would like to organise events and cultural activities — travelling sale and shows, film screenings, and debates in various places — galleries, multimedia libraries, cultural centres, and museums for example.


Afrika Tiss_Burkina Faso_Activités culturelles_Outils pédagogiques_Commerce équitable, développement, solidarité internationaleEducational activities

Afrika Tiss organises events to raise public awareness on fair trade, global solidarity, and development.

The association would also like to work with teaching staff to develop tools and initiatives intended for students in elementary schools, art schools, and vocational high schools specialised in fashion.

These activities aim to inform and educate the general public and future professionals in the field about ethical fashion, organic cotton, and the need to strengthen traceability in production industries.